Parity Movement


Videos of the Second Annual Conference (2022)

Introduction - Dr. Mahmoudi

Introduction - Dr. Moss

Keynote: Dr. Susanne Täuber

Keynote: Linda Crockett

Editorial Discussion Panel

Keynote: Dr. Susan Bon

Closing Remarks: Dr. Leah Hollis

Videos of the Second Annual Conference (2021)

Opening Statement by Dr. Mahmoudi (2021)

Keynote by Dr. Hollis: Impact of Academic Bullying on Science (2021)

Presentation by Dr. Swann: Defining Bullying and Responses (2021)

Presentation by Dr. Keashly: Addressing Academic Bullying (2021)

University (Harvard, Uni. of Wisconsin: Madison, and Uni. of South Carolina) Responses to the Academic Bullying Panel (2021)

Keynote by Dr. Moss: Targets' Stories (2021)